The Quest Of The Thirteen

The Quest Of The Thirteen CoverBelievers Strive to Restore the Soul of a Kingdom

A battle-weary kingdom in chaos. A people losing their faith. A dying king with no heir, the rules of succession tied to an ancient legend.

Salvation may lie in a chronicle discovered amongst the dusty tomes in the library of the scribes. The passage describes a medallion of enormous power that holds the key not only to saving the kingdom but to identifying the future king.

Thirteen loyal subjects are selected and trained to make the arduous quest to retrieve the medallion. Together they work against nearly impossible odds— rugged terrain, mythical beasts, death-defying adventures and, worst of all, betrayal in their ranks.

In the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, The Quest of the Thirteen brings to mind the adventure and excitement of Jason and the Argonauts, The Odyssey, and the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail.

Ultimately The Quest of the Thirteen is about an extraordinary effort to resurrect a kingdom and its people in a world where evil and unearthly challenges lurk around every corner, and where the real heroes are the ones who fearlessly confront evil and meet those challenges head-on.

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The Birth of Malgyron

Birth Of Malgyron coverThe Birth of Malgyron is the sequel to The Quest of the Thirteen, and takes place more than a year after Mavinor’s new king begins his reign. It details the struggles he faces in bringing his people closer to The Author and the lessons of The Scrolls, as well as the futility of his efforts to broker peace with his neighbors.

As the king’s list of enemies continues to grow, an evil plot is hatched against him, a plot that will have enormous ramifications for the entire world if it is successful. For unbeknownst to those who unwittingly participate, Mavinor’s king is no ordinary ruler. He is the chosen one, the fulfillment of a promise made by The Author generations ago to the people whom He loved.

As the plot escalates and begins to reveal itself, the king’s supporters do everything in their power to thwart it and save the future of Mavinor and the entire world.

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The Crusade Against Darkness

The Crusade Against Darkness coverThis third volume of the epic fantasy series, The Medallion of Mavinor, picks up where The Birth of Malgyron left off. Now that a new king has come to rule and the Age of Darkness has officially begun, everything is going perfectly according to plan for the Evil One. For even as a rival kingdom falls to the evil that has arisen, conditions in Mavinor quickly deteriorate under the new regime. The few heroes who managed to survive the onset of darkness are forced to come together and somehow figure out how they can restore light to the world. But the more they learn, the more they realize it may already be too late. All seems lost when one of their best men abandons the cause, but as other unlikely heroes begin to emerge and dissension grows among the ranks of evil, a ray of hope begins to shine in the darkness. When the forces of good finally mobilize in an attempt to reclaim Mavinor, they realize that they cannot afford to fail in their crusade or the world as they once knew it will be gone forever.

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The Last of the Thirteen

rsz_1last_of_the_thirteen_imageThe Last of the Thirteen is the fourth and final volume of John DeFilippis’ epic fantasy series, “The Medallion of Mavinor.” Picking up where The Crusade Against Darkness left off, it follows our heroes’ plight as they aim to defeat Malgyron’s forces and eradicate the darkness once and for all. While some go their separate ways to fulfill specific roles that have been assigned to them, others march together to wage an epic battle that could well determine the fate of the world. But as the conflict comes to a head, all of them realize one thing—they will need more than just courage and might to win the day. For the most lethal weapon they wield is neither sword nor shield, but rather the faith that resides deep in their hearts.

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